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Agricultural dealers expand their businesses with Tarfin Pro “Winning Stock Package”!

With our Tarfin Pro supply model, agricultural dealers can keep their capital in their pockets, gain access new products at competitive prices, and use their investments to expand their businesses. You can easily supply the products and brands you want with our easy stock package and start increasing your sales today, with products delivered straight to your warehouse.

As a free member, you can order fertilizer, feed, seed, or other agricultural inputs right away using Tarfin Pro without using cash or needing a bank loan. With the new products you add, you can reach more farmers and earn your profit from Tarfin instantly as you make sales.

You can sell the products you bought from Tarfin through the Tarfin platform, using cash, deferred payments, or credit cards. You can offer all your farmers a payment method tailored to their needs while gaining an advantage over your competitors.

Meet Tarfin Pro business model, allocate your capital to your new investments, and let Tarfin supply your products! Contact us now to join Tarfin’s retailer network.

Whether you have a dealership or not, you can order from the brands below and expand your product range.

Bağfaş Efor Gübre Ege Gübre Ekim Gübre Eti Bakır Gemlik Gübre Gemlik Gübre 2 Güzenler Gübre Tarım Ürünleri LG Pioneer Pro Yem Syngenta Toros Gübre organiksa CP Yem DRT Ofis Yem

How can I buy products from Tarfin Pro?

When you increase your sales with Tarfin Pro, both you and our farmers win.


Apply to become an authorized retailer


Choose the product you want, create your order


Sell products delivered to your warehouse using cash, credit card, or deferred payment


You can cash out the profit of the products you sell from Tarfin right away.

Grow your sales without risking your capital!

Tarfin Pro has started the era of advantageous stock management. Sign up for free, order now, and your products will be sent to your warehouse. After your products arrive, you can easily check your stocks on the Tarfin platform and start selling using cash, deferred payments, or credit card options.

Easy order

New product support

Reasonable prices

Instant earnings

Tarfin Retailers

Retailers that have started a business partnership with Tarfin are growing exponentially, adding strength to their power…



Tarfin Pro by Numbers

With Tarfin Pro, agricultural dealers can easily access new products and increase their sales with more affordable costs.








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