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As Tarfin, we believe that farmers have crucial importance to structure the future of our country, and we have pursued our activities to support Turkish farmers since our establishment.

Using a machine learning-based agricultural risk scoring model that we have developed, we ensure that Turkish farmers have access to all agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, and feed with competitive prices and the opportunity to pay at harvest.

Via Tarfin Mobil, farmers are able to compare current prices of fertilizer, feed, and other agricultural inputs in the regions and we can provide them with different alternatives that enable our farmers to find the best prices.

Today, our farmers can easily reach us via Tarfin Mobil and more than 800 authorized Tarfin retailers operating in more than 70 cities. Farmers who want to purchase their agricultural inputs from Tarfin on a harvest or cash basis, visit our sales points in their region, complete their transactions within 4 minutes, and receive their agricultural inputs instantly.

Tarfin’s farmers buy their agri-inputs with competitive price offers and do not take on additional obligations. All farmers are able to choose the payment day according to the harvest dates specific to their products and regions, and can easily reach all their agricultural inputs without additional costs such as membership fees, card fee etc.

Tarfin enables farmers to reach all their agricultural inputs instantly and easily with its machine learning-based agricultural risk scoring model and widespread retailer network.



Competitive Pricing

Easy Application Process

Tarfin has demonstrated agriculture as one of the core values of economy and society as growing, and has been acknowledged and awarded by several different institutions since the establishment. With the support and trust of our farmers, retailers, and investors, Tarfin is working to build upon our success.

  • Endeavor

    Endeavor 91st International Selection Panel - “Endeavor Entrepreneur”

  • Fintech Forum

    Fintech Forum19 - Turkish Fintech Company with Third-highest Investment

  • Tspb

    'Most Creative Capital Markets Project' in the 2018 'Special Award' category at the 4th TSPB Capital Markets Awards'

  • Efse

    EFSE “Financial Technology Competition First Prize”

  • Bonds and Loans

    Bonds and Loans Turkey 2019 - “Best Structured Bond Second Prize”

Investor Relations

With the technological infrastructure and strong sales network it has developed, Tarfin provides our country's farmers with fair prices, fast purchasing processes, and easy access to agricultural inputs, as well as offering its investors safe, high-yield investment tools. With its award-winning Asset Backed Securitization (ABS) issuances, Tarfin acts as an intermediary for domestic and foreign investors to contribute to the development of the agricultural sector and the continuity of production in Turkey.

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Joint Stock Company



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Istanbul Trade Registry Office

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Tarfin Tarım AŞ

Tarfin Tarım AŞ


Nispetiye Cd 4 Beşiktaş, İstanbul

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T.R. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Enterprise No