Tarfin cited as a model by the European Investment Fund

Tarfin cited as a model by the European Investment Fund 18.01.2022

Tarfin is selected as an example by the European Investment Fund as a successful financial model.

“Buy Now, Pay At Harvest”

Empowering farmers since 2017, Tarfin helps farmers overcome financial difficulties. The company is making a difference with its innovative vision, generating incremental value with its mobile application complements by offering a "buy now, pay at harvest" system. The advantages of purchasing with harvest payments creates a sustainable solution for the agricultural sector, and puts a smile on the faces of our farmers.

Technological revolution in agricultural input shopping

The name behind this innovative initiative is Tarfin’s CEO Mehmet Memecan. Memecan defines Tarfin, which he created with his experience and innovative perspective in the field of fertilizers, as "an innovative business model that provides farm inputs and working capital financing to our farmers in the Turkish market".
Memecan stated that they are working to minimize the difficulties farmers face in purchasing inputs such as fertilizers and seeds, giving farmers a sigh of relief thanks to long-term harvest payment options.
Tarfin has more than 300 retailers all over Turkey. Experts at the retailers offer support to our farmers in the exchange of inputs, product selection, and information. On the other hand, the Tarfin mobile application makes it possible to easily select the most competitive prices. With a promissory note signed at the sales point, inputs can be acquired immediately.

Tarfin contributes sustainable production for farmers

Innovative buy now pay at harvest model and mobile application technologies that grant power to farmers derive their strength from the detailed researches and studies behind them. Years of research and new-generation algorithms based on artificial intelligence form the basis of the finance model.

The groundbreaking system of Tarfin works with a unique algorithm that evaluates risk using data. The proprietary system that evaluates both traditional data and information about farmers and transactions helps to plan the harvest payment terms. The expanded payment schedule provides our farmers with convenient access to inputs.

Every purchase made via the mobile application at Tarfin retailers gives our farmers an average 8% price advantage. Mehmet Memecan expresses the contribution of our farmers' earnings to the welfare of the country as, "These savings can go to the education of the farmer's children and toward supporting their families.”

Tarfin turns towards Europe

More than 26,000 transactions have been carried out to date via Tarfin, which is the first choice of more than 15,000 farmers all over Turkey. Tarfin, which continues its successful path and brings welfare to farmers, is preparing to turn towards Europe in the near future. The company is very close to making a name for itself with its investments in Eastern Europe in 2021. Tarfin CEO Mehmet Memecan underlines that the buy now pay at harvest system is applicable in other markets as well.

The success of Tarfin, which received a capital investment from Collective Spark in 2018, sets a precedent. Expressing happiness that they have transformed from a team of a few to a company of dozens in a short time, Memecan continues to benefit with its innovation-oriented work. Having received an investment from the Turkey Growth and Innovation Fund (TGIF), Tarfin is cited as an example by the European Investment Fund with its successful financial model. Bringing the agricultural input exchange system of the future to today with the success it has achieved so quickly, the wide network it has provided all over the country, the advantages it provides to our farmers, and its innovative income system, Tarfin shares the pride of adding fertility to Turkey's fruitful lands through all our farmers and sales points. This success, achieved by everyone who brings abundance to their fields with Tarfin, is proudly presented to Turkey today.



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