SMEs will obtain competitive prices with Tarfin Pro

SMEs will obtain competitive prices with Tarfin Pro 13.01.2023

With Tarfin Pro, Tarfin has further enhanced its solutions for the agricultural sector. To date, the company used to serve as a bridge between farmers and sales points; with Tarfin Pro under its belt, it will now play an active role in allowing sales points to enjoy agricultural inputs at budget prices.  

It contributes to the efficient operation of the supply chain in agriculture. 

Tarfin Pro assists agricultural dealers to reach seeds, fertilizers, feed, and other inputs at competitive prices and payment term options. This way, it supports the efficiency of the supply chain in agriculture. Thanks to Tarfin Pro’s advantageous supply model, sales points find new products at budget prices without dedicating away their capital and using their investments to grow their business. Tarfin Pro makes it possible for sales points to have the means to promptly place orders without the use of cash and a need for bank loans and to increase their product diversity to reach a higher number of farmers.  Agri retailers can sell goods purchased through Tarfin , with cash, deferred payment, or credit card payment options. Thanks to Tarfin PRO they will have competitive pricing compared to others and they can acquire new farmers. 

A single point of access for all brands

Can Yiğit Canbaz, the Country Manager for Tarfin Pro says: “We continue to add value to our services, driven by our mission to prop up and strengthen Turkish farmers.  Our farmers can meet all their needs for agricultural input with purchase options that allow the use of pre-payment or deferred payment terms through Tarfin Mobile, and they visit the Tarfin sales points chosen by them to pick up their delivery. And now we are bringing our said services to the next level. With Tarfin Pro, we make sure that our authorized sales points have a larger portfolio of products under their belt. We sign effective supply agreements with both local and foreign producers, and we thus make sure that products are supplied to our sales points at reasonable prices, thereby supporting them in getting an upper hand competition-wise. With Tarfin Pro that we launched in early 2021, the support we give has increased by 700 percent within just one year. Tarfin Pro plays a significant role in bringing down input costs and is now used in 300 sales points.” 

A pioneer in sustainable agricultural input trade

Can Yiğit Canbaz lists the advantages offered by Tarfin Pro as follows: “Above anything else, Tarfin Pro plays a strategic role in sustainable agricultural input trade and strikes an advantageous balance between the supply side and the demand side among all stakeholders in the sector. Thanks to our strong technological infrastructure, Tarfin Pro is positioned as the corporate leg of the agricultural supply chain. Tarfin Pro offers many advantages to sales points: A single point-of-access for products of all brands, deferred payment terms for all products, a chance to take advantage of competitive prices, more profitable sales margins, etc.”

It expands the product portfolio and improves purchase conditions

Tarfin Pro helps sales points expand their product range and offers more streamlined purchase conditions.  In addition, it provides capital increase, logistics services, alternative supplier options, and advantageous prices. This way, sales points expand their customer portfolios while offering a broader product range to farmers for their agricultural input needs.  

About Tarfin:

As Tarfin, we believe that farmers have crucial importance for our well-being, and we have pursued our activities to support farmers and farm operations since our establishment. Using proprietary machine learning-based agricultural risk scoring models, we ensure that Turkish farmers have access to all agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, and feed with competitive prices and the chance to pay at harvest. Via Tarfin Mobil, farmers are able to compare current prices of fertilizers, feed, and other agricultural inputs through vendors closest to them. Today, our farmers can easily reach us via Tarfin Mobil and more than 1200 authorized Tarfin retailers operating in more than 80 cities. Farmers who want to purchase their agricultural inputs from Tarfin on harvest payment or cash basis, visit our sales points in their region, complete their transactions within 4 minutes, and receive their agricultural inputs instantly.

Tarfin’s farmers purchase their agri-inputs with competitive price offers without hidden fees or extra costs. Farmers are able to choose their preferred payment day based on their expected harvest dates.



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