About us

Cheapest way to purchase farm inputs:

Tarfin is Turkey’s first tech-based supplier of farm inputs with credit terms.

With 40 billion USD in annual revenue, agriculture is the backbone of the Turkish economy supported by 2.4 million farms. We founded Tarfin in February 2017 to make farming profitable even for the smaller farmers. Tarfin partners with the large input suppliers, ag-friendly financial institutions and reliable local merchants to offer growers the right inputs with the most competitive financing terms.

We continuously search for the newest technologies in seeds, feedstuffs, chemicals and follow closely the latest trends in alternative financing. We invest heavily in our scoring algorithm that provides our growers with quick, competitive and honest financing terms on their inputs purchases. Our team’s extensive background in agriculture helps us correctly identify major pain-points in our growers’ operations and swiftly devise and roll out new solutions.

Our vision is to remain the country’s most innovative and reliable agribusiness with best-in-class customer service.

Tarfin Tarım AŞ
Istiklal Cd No 86 K8 Beyoğlu Istanbul Turkey
0850 346 8182